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Marco Kunardi

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Clover Twilight : Robots (Styx)

Robot Stuffs for my Art book: Clover Twilight. Some cool facts about the concept: the basylisk robot color's scheme based on poisonous bug in Southern America; dark on the outside, bright on the inside. The Cheetah robot was inspired by D9 movie.


  1. Hey! I'm loving your concepts, Marco! Tell me something, would it be alright if I modeled (or at least try!..) one of your works? I was looking at the Styx and I was like hmmm how I'd love to model this ^^

  2. Oh wait.. You already modeled it, right?..

  3. hey Jorge,
    thanks! glad you like it. you can model it if you want, I just request a credit (my name mentioned) once the model's done. And no, no modeling involved in this piece, photoshop purely. So go ahead if you want, I want to see in 3d too:)

  4. Oh okay! Because that last image of Styx is looking pretty realistic! :O Congratulations! ;)

    Of course I will credit you! =) I just hope I can make a hell of a job, like you did! Do you have any more images (or even these, in higher resolution) that I can use?

    Meanwhile, if you have the curiosity, heres my demoreel and my deviantART links! ;)



  5. Hey again!

    I'm just waiting fo your reply in order to start working!

    Reply when you can, please!

    Thanks =)

  6. hey Jorge,

    I do have some bigger files for the views, send me email at:

    sorry late response, I was taking my sunday break.