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Marco Kunardi

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bunny Bot

Preview of personal project I'm working on, based on my quick psd sketch.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Old doodle pages

Some old pages I found from my previous blog (kukutsdoodle). A friend of mine reminded me "the beauty of looseness" of my sketch, as my recent works getting tighter. Miss the old days.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Starcraft II fan artwork

You guys played SCII last year? here is a spoiler for the next installment: Sarah Kerrigan will be wearing the hybrid armor Zerg><Terran because she retained the ability from the previous story. Oops big spoiler! Lol I just made that up.

Some Collaborative works from last year (2010)

Hi Guys, just want to post some works I did last year with fellow students (Team Journeyman) for short live action sci-fi movie, but sadly the production was cancelled. Anyway, here is the sexy fembot concept!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Clover Twilight : Tentative Poster

The Tentative Poster for the project, enjoy!

Clover Twilight : Vehicle

Original plan on taking down the space colonies :  Big Rocket contains nuke n any possible hazardous materials. But the plan was changed because it's not as cool as giant laser cannon.

Clover Twilight : Environments

Some Environment to fit in the world of Clover Twilight. Cool Facts: The giant laser cannon on top was inspired by StarWars Death Star's cannon. The Space colony was based on Souvlaki (Greek grilled skewer)

Clover Twilight : Characters

Characters for the story, cool facts: The armor design on the top based on Cockroach myth, yes cockroach (they survive nuke and any apocalyptic war). The hero (Galeb), based on famous motorcycle racer, guess who? (hint: He just joined Ducati from Yamaha in 2011)

Clover Twilight : Robots (Styx)

Robot Stuffs for my Art book: Clover Twilight. Some cool facts about the concept: the basylisk robot color's scheme based on poisonous bug in Southern America; dark on the outside, bright on the inside. The Cheetah robot was inspired by D9 movie.

Dead Space 2

Some arts I contributed for Dead Space 2, back in 2008. Great times, great game, and most of all, great team.


Welcome to anyone who visits my art blog. This is a quick update on my art stuffs besides my regular website: for older and personal works. Hope you guys enjoy it!