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Marco Kunardi

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Clover Twilight : Tentative Poster

The Tentative Poster for the project, enjoy!

Clover Twilight : Vehicle

Original plan on taking down the space colonies :  Big Rocket contains nuke n any possible hazardous materials. But the plan was changed because it's not as cool as giant laser cannon.

Clover Twilight : Environments

Some Environment to fit in the world of Clover Twilight. Cool Facts: The giant laser cannon on top was inspired by StarWars Death Star's cannon. The Space colony was based on Souvlaki (Greek grilled skewer)

Clover Twilight : Characters

Characters for the story, cool facts: The armor design on the top based on Cockroach myth, yes cockroach (they survive nuke and any apocalyptic war). The hero (Galeb), based on famous motorcycle racer, guess who? (hint: He just joined Ducati from Yamaha in 2011)

Clover Twilight : Robots (Styx)

Robot Stuffs for my Art book: Clover Twilight. Some cool facts about the concept: the basylisk robot color's scheme based on poisonous bug in Southern America; dark on the outside, bright on the inside. The Cheetah robot was inspired by D9 movie.

Dead Space 2

Some arts I contributed for Dead Space 2, back in 2008. Great times, great game, and most of all, great team.


Welcome to anyone who visits my art blog. This is a quick update on my art stuffs besides my regular website: for older and personal works. Hope you guys enjoy it!